stribe update

screenshot of _stribe_howto.mxb (virtual stribe) in action - click for big view

I'm plodding forward on several fronts at once, mostly doing boring stuff like trying to put together a stribe wiki and/or forum type thing as well as juggling parts to build a handful of prototypes for development. Today I took some time to clean up the Max code so far and it looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

Meanwhile Vlad Spears (author of Balron and the Daevel behind Daevelmaker Plugins) wrote a Max abstraction to translate values from the Max matrixctrl object into the message format expected by the Stribe, something I'd been struggling with trying to solve in firmware.

The pieces were all there in Max but I needed that one final bit and Vlad was able to do it from a few vague e-mails and a .jpg of a scrawled napkin drawing. Amazing.