Stribe 0.4 circuit - 180 degrees of change

I've made a major revision to the Stribe circuit boards, rotating them 180 degrees to better reflect the way Max/MSP addresses arrays and to make my firmware simpler (and hopefully faster). Short version: 0,0 is the top left corner now instead of the bottom left. I also moved the logic circuit to the top of the board, which is the same place the touch-strips attach. So now I avoid 8 long trace runs as well as making a better location to add a MIDI circuit or other interface connectors (8 synth-type voltage triggers, anyone?).


Meanwhile I've also been working on the firmware and the Max patches, getting everything talking to everything else. I'm borrowing lots of example code as well as nabbing a few of Brian Crabttree's handier bits of code (the bits I can understand). I'm building a "virtual stribe" with the matrixctrl object.


Feel free to take a look and offer your suggestions.