Mark Bokowiec performs with Stribe

"Stribe controlling Logic8 via IAC"

It's from 2008 but I just came across it...

Tanais Fox's 16-stribe project gets fancy

Stribe 16 pre-viz: Rebated faders

Stribe 16 pre-viz: Teh bizznizz end

Check out these images on Make Blog of Tanais Fox's drawing for a milled aluminum case to hold 16 stribe1 kits.


sound meets kit meet art

Check out this beautiful pocket oscillator kit, idyllic beach not included. via Make


stretta C74 interview

gets some well-deserved attention. Gotta check me out (e.g. afford) this M4L thing!


Phineus + Twine

<a href="http://phineus.bandcamp.com/track/midifier">midifier by phineus</a>

twine: midi files
phineus: knobs/309