40h review in TapeOp

I wrote a review of my favorite toy for my favorite magazine: TapeOpArticle.pdf

...or find the print edition of TapeOp #62 Nov/Dec 2007.

I guess my review's a little late to the party since the 40h is no longer available and monome has moved on to sell out the "256" and will start taking orders on the "128" soon.

Update: monome sold-out their latest batch of 100 40h kits... in less than 24 hrs!

monome 256 and modular synth

Residue DD103 from stretta on Vimeo.
Another great video from stretta. More info


Stribe 0.2

A video of the latest stribe (rev 0.2), running a really basic Max program. It sounds very Star Trek-like - maybe that's due to the Hammond-ish sound of the synth.


Stribe driver board 0.2 build and test

I got the production-style (still prototype) solder-masked green driver board earlier this week and assembled it today. I plugged in an Arduino MINI and Arduino MINI USB and soldered everything up - and it works! Well, mostly. Had a couple of small glitches but nothing major and I'm glad I caught them before I made these in any kind of quantity. V 0.3 will be even better with several tight clearance issues solved.

See more pics

Vlad Spears Discusses Daevlmakr Plug-ins

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