Gesture Recognition on Resistive Touch Screens

...more information can be extracted from resistive touch screens by understanding and modeling the physics behind the process. When two touches occur, a segment of resistance from the passive screen, plus the resistance of the touch contacts, is paralleled with the conducting segment of the active screen, so the impedance seen by the supply is reduced and current increases..."

from: http://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/45-06/gesture_recognition.html


Steganography 20 - Generate Melody from Text

This morning I was playing around with a soft-synth and didn't have a midi controller hooked-up -- so I was using the QUERTY keyboard to play notes. Then I realized I could type words and thereby make cute little melodies, that would repeat and had themes... pretty interesting sounds, actually. I liked the idea that these melodies could be decoded back into text (with a little effort).

A few googles later, bing!

Here is Hello World in C Major:

Read the whole article here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/security/steganodotnet20.aspx


6 Launchpads & Ableton

6 Launchpads makes for a huge playing surface with distinct areas of control.


Demo of a Novation synth and 3 Launchpads together

Usng 3 Lucnhpadss with a Novation synth...

What I want for Chanukah

A deep-featured button controller coupled with cool slicy software PLUS 2 Stribe-like horizontal LED-festooned touch-strips to twiddle track position and needle drops - even supports a pinch input! Add monome-like sequenced sample chunking thingambobbery and you had me at hello! Check out Edison on this thing:


Reactable for iPad / iPhone!

A very cool UI designed for one of the very first multi-touch tables is ported to iOS - a great combination!


pissah controllah

What I really like about this controller is the combination of real knobs and an illuminated surface.