Moldover's new CD not only delivers music, it completely redefines what it means to "play an album"... Moldover's CD packaging itself IS a new musical instrument! The CD is mounted on a custom designed circuit board, intricately patterned and powering a "light-Theremin". Yes! You play the artwork and it makes sound!

Pretty dang clever!


First Industrial Stribe application

from CuriousInventor.com:

TracyEvansProductions, a company that specializes in interactive tradeshow exhibits and other multimedia, has integrated Stribes into a kiosk that interactively explains the interaction of water and oil in wells for Schlumberger.

Kudos to Scott Driscoll @ Curious Inventor for making this all happen Stribe-wise!


The Drum Buddy

Super-limited-edition drum gizmo - I love this thing - and the demo is too cool. I guess Laurie Anderson has one. I've thought of a similar concept but on a much larger scale, using different length rods rotating around a pole and IR triggers... anyways, check out the vids and an in-depth article at: matrixsynth. Be sure to stick out the video to the part where he brings in the scratchy record. Awesome.

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Monome on Letterman

At the end he asks her what it is and and pokes at the buttons and she says it's her Twitter thing. Too bad she didn't give monome.org a plug, but hey it's totally featured so...