small DIY touch control box

"nuibox An affordable small form factor vision sensor." Looks intriguing - the post lists parts and looks to have steps to build the box but most of them are incomplete. Post in progress?


stribe 8 prototype works!

So far the firmware just sends serial data into Max which in turn sends out weird noises and 8 values via an OSC string, but it's a start. Next step is to accept incoming OSC commands to drive the display from software, and to write some cool apps in Max and Reaktor that take advantage of the unique properties of the controller.

I've been trying to learn enough Max to get the monome and stribe running from inside the same app, and I almost have it working by combining an app I wrote for the stribe with a monome app - but I gots me some learnin' to do before I can really get going on my main ideas for this. But now the pieces are all here.