Stribe Proto sample mixing

This is a primitive Max/MAP sequencer app for mixing samples and triggering MIDI with the stribe. On-screen the grid sequencer triggers a sample to begin. Depending on tempo, more or less of the sample is played. Some short sounds are triggered repeatedly. Stopping the sequencer and/or removing trigger points allows sounds to continue playing to conclusion.

BTW this is an early Stribe Proto mod'd to run Curious Inventor firmware. A neat happy accident is that I can put the cursors and the level meters on the same LEDs.

Further Max programming is required to get toggle control over "chunks" of LEDs to add button-like effects (for loading samples, paging, etc).

Curious Inventor Stribe Quad demo

quad stribe Live looping mixer from CuriousInventor on Vimeo.

Scott @ Curious Inventor put together a nice demo mapping his Stribe to affect loops in Ableton Live... via Vimeo