Phineus - some mp3s

Giant Hand was made with Reaktor 5. The ambient tracks use granular synths, each song is one short waveform chopped and replayed through filters. The rhythmic stuff is done by flipping multiple samples.

Giant Hand
tribelet 3:28
ululatron 4:10
badhaircut 0:54
crackless 1:28
ensnared 1:40
harmonical 1:44
phoenid 2:18
telemone 2:44
tribelet rmx 3:01 (synth o-dub)
jesusizeme 5:03

Mon Ami was made w/ the 40h, Max/MSP & patches from monome.org.

Mon Ami
One 5:04
Two 6:54
Three 5:25

To make lunch and lunchwiser I took brief samples of sounds around my house including fans, appliances, and squeaky floorboards, dumped them into flip, and played them back via the monome:

lunch 1:42
lunchwiser 1:17