The Stribe is Dead... Long Live the Stribe!

The original Stribe Prototype kit has been discontinued (oh no!), but a new modular kit is taking it's place: the single-strip Stribe1 (yay!).

The Stribe1 kit (also available assembled) gives you everything you need to build a "single stribe" touch-control module, minus the microcontroller.

Multiple Stribe1s can be chained together with a ribbon connector and attached to the microcontroller of your choice.

For now we have building-block firmware and patches for the ATMEGA-based Arduino and Arduino MINI. Bitwacker (PIC) firmware is in the works.

The kit consists of a long and narrow PCB (~ 9 3/4" x 7/8"), a single 170mm touchstrip, 2 columns of 64 LEDs (128 LEDs total), and all the supporting circuitry, driver chips, ribbon connector, plexiglas enclosure, etc.

The instructions include step-by-step details on placing and soldering the parts, wiring it to an Arduino, and using the software.*

I think it would be fairly straightforward to hook one (or more) of these up to a monome 40h, but I'll defer the details to those who know the monome's internals better than I do. (Note: due to MUCH interest in this idea, I'll be trying this soon with my own 40h and will post my results)

The Stribe1 project was made possible with the generous involvement of Scott Driscoll of Curious Inventor (curiousinventor.com). He was kind enough to put my name on the project (and circuit board) even though he actually did most of the work.

Get yours here: http://curiousinventor.com/kits/stribe

* Note: assembly instructions are done, but we still haven't posted firmware, patches and Arduino wiring... Soon!