monome 10h!

monome will soon release their custom-designed 40h button-pads in combo with these smaller 4x4 circuit boards. Future 40h kit-builders can use 4 of these rather than one large 8x8 board (unclear if they've discontinued the 8x8 board). This design change arose from a discussion on the monome.org forum about alternative designs based around the 40h logic board and button pads. Instead of sawing the 8x8 board in half to build a 16x4 controller (which wouldn't work, anyways), these can be tiled as you see fit. I'm excited to see the variety of new controller configurations this will inspire...


Of course you'll still have to tweak the monome software to run your wacky new configuration, but you should find plenty of kindred souls on the monome.org forum to help you find your way.

Check back with monome.org in late February.