phineus - riptide

7 new tracks from phineus:

meoomp.mp3 2:55
atunal.mp3 1:46
riptide.mp3 6:54
wuhwuhwuhw.mp3 2:08
wind-upwind.mp3 1:14
wavehello.mp3 1:32
longwalker.mp3 2:20

These were made during a weeklong stay in a cape cod beach house for a long-needed off-grid rest. I recorded the sounds of the house and the wind and the surf with my Edirol R1. Some tracks are made primarily from these sounds, while others include samples from the freesound project, such as plucked fiddle and glasses dinging. Sounds were played using the monome 40h and mlr running on a Mac Powerbook and recorded into the Edirol. The whole rig including the laptop, monome and Edirol weighs about 8.5 lbs.